“I’ve been a client of Marguerite’s for years. I always look forward to and cherish my wonderful, relaxing respites to her little sanctuary.

She is very professional, prompt, friendly, upbeat and interested in me as a person. She REALLY LISTENS. Dedicated to her work, she persists in finding solutions and options to keep my skin healthy. She keeps copious notes on me and products/methods the work and don’t work.

The consummate student, Marguerite is always learning. She attends classes and workshops, and networks with others in her field. Her knowledge is endless concerning health and well-being. She is continuously updating and improving her services.

Marguerite is a special, warm and interesting person and friend whom I am fortunate to know.”

– Carol

“I have been Marguerite’s client for 20 years. My mom began taking me when I was 14 and suffering with acne. Marguerite treated the acne assertively and treated me gently, always seeing and encouraging the beauty in me, helping to build my self-esteem. My skin improved and I continued treatments with her through my college years and then through medical school. Now in my mid 30’s and living in New Mexico, Marguerite is still my best advisor in skin care. I frequently get compliments on my skin and told I look 10 years younger. She is also the queen of eyebrows, and my favorite beauty secret now is having a lash tint with Marguerite ~ she’s so detailed! I have lived all over the United States and in major cities and have yet to find another esthetician with her skill and knowledge. She is great about e-mails and helping me long distance too, always prompt and efficient when I need her to send something or advise me. She takes the time to be thorough and then to follow up with me. I feel personally cared for whether it’s in her studio or long distance. I will continue to travel back to Minnesota from wherever I live, so I can see her for my skincare.”

– Erica L McBride, MD, DO

“Over the past 20 years I have had 6 employers, 4 cars, 3 primary care physicians and 1 esthetician – Marguerite Hedren. She has worked with me and my sensitive skin through pre-wedding jitters, pregnancy, post-partum hormonal changes, and a heavy travel schedule; my skin looks and feels fabulous!

Marguerite has helped to manage and calm my Rosacea, with home care recommendations that have eliminated a need to seek medical help. I often receive compliments on my complexion, and every facial is a fabulous time-out from the busyness of the week with gentle peels and treatments that leave my skin feeling especially soft and hydrated. Marguerite is also working with both my teenagers as they navigates adolescent acne. They each have individual regimes that really work when they adhere to them.”

– Ann, Commercial Strategy Consultant

“10 years ago I was referred to Marguerite by my very competent European esthetician who was moving out of state.

I had significant acne as a teen, and in my 50’s was still dealing with break outs and was being seen every 2 weeks for facials.

Marguerite immediately thought she could help me with more effective home care and reduce my visits to monthly.

She was right, saving me time and money, and improving my skin’s condition.”

– Connie

“I have been seeing Marguerite for years and through many of life’s changes… My skincare/health and aging has become my friend in large part, due to Marguerite’s excellent facials. She has a vast knowledge of her field and is the consummate professional. She is also meticulous, thorough and immaculate. I consider facials not only a mini-retreat but part of my larger goal of quality prevention and good self care. She is fun, always has great music and greets me with her beautiful smile.”

– Rebecca Anderson