My Story with Stephanie

Healing-HandsWhen I was first practicing the hands-on techniques I’d learned, I got great feedback that I should keep doing this work. One client quit taking her sinus medication after a couple of sessions with me, a shoulder that hurt my sister for 2 years was relieved after 1 session, and other feedback encouraged me to continue.
But it was a session with my cousin Stephanie that was pivotal for me.

She had a migraine and wanted me to work on her. I had little confidence but said I’d do my best. It worked and she said, “What are you doing? You’ve got a gift!”

I replied that I didn’t know, but remembered that as a child, when my dad cared for me, when I was hurt or sick, I felt something from his hands. I didn’t think about it at the time, but in looking back as I was learning the therapy techniques in my classes, the experiences with Dad came to mind. I thought maybe I inherited a gift from Dad.

She exclaimed, “My dad has that too!” and then related similar memories to mine.

Our dads were brothers, good friends and both pharmacists. We thought how perfect it was that they’d be in fields where they had their hands on prescriptions bottles and near medications they dispensed.

Stephanie was in chiropractic school then, her brother was a chiropractor and one of my sisters was an RN. We thought this was all “meant-to-be” and sharing our stories about our dads helped and supported us to believe in our own potentials, to study hard and go do the life’s work that awaited us.

I had no idea about facials and skincare! I made a sojourn trip to Chicago and Minneapolis, affirming I would find my direction/field and return to traditional academics in one of the therapies: occupational, respiratory, or physical.

My friend Cat insisted I have a facial with her, she was in school at the Horst (now Aveda) Institute and excited about what she was doing.

I did it to humor her, but during that service I knew I’d found my answer, at least for a while. I could get my esthetics license and knew I’d be good at it. And I would definitely have my hands on people!

That was 22 years ago, and it’s still my passion!