Specials and Good Wishes

December Greetings to all,

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well in body, mind and spirit! I see Light at the end of the tunnel, and Hope for a better year to come.

For those of you choosing not to get facials because of Covid, I support that choice. And we all need good homecare more than ever. I’d love to consult and help you no matter what your skincare priorities are or budget may be.

Special offers this month include:

  • Free December Shipping from Jakare! Plus their fabulous new Skin Polisher and both Enzyme Masque and Rose Masque on sale, each is 15% off https://jakare.com/shop/
  • Free Shipping from Image on orders of $100 or more! and great new size of Vital C Hydrating Serum, twice the size for 20% off at $115 and free shipping
  • Free Shipping on My Skin Buddy plus $25 off for $270.00 Money-back guarantee, great for all skin types, including acne, makes a gold star gift. Research shows that results with LED Light Therapy are cumulative. So using this little device with 3 LED colors, 6 settings, and 4 treatment modes can add up to real benefits! A client whom I see infrequently impressed me recently with her tighter, smoother skin. I thought, “She must have done a medspa procedure.”  But she shared that it’s her Skin Buddy with her cleanser, then Image Retinol cream, used 2 or 3 weeks for 5 minutes per session, that’s made the difference. Even her kids have noticed!
  • My remaining Inventory is discounted till year’s end.  I hope I have what you want!

At the end of this tumultuous year, I send you my very best, with a strong vision for our future. The photo was taken on a walk. I was sharing with friends about a close, long-time client who recently died and how special she was. We looked out and saw this across the bay, like a Light from Heaven. It looks like the hope I feel and wish for you too.

With gratitude to all of you and deep appreciation for your support,



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