Healing Arts Therapy


Power Hour facial treatments – $135
Cloud Nine 90 min treatment – $180
Teen and Mini Facials (30-45 min) – Priced Accordingly

Add-ons include: Chemical Peels, LED Light Therapy Canopy treatments, Microcurrent/Myotonology treatments, provided at the hourly rate.

Facial waxing, tinting, and tweezing also available.

My services are provided on an hourly basis.
I orchestrate a customized, targeted service, guided by the client’s schedule, budget and goals.
Each service I provide is unique and I try new things and combinations frequently to provide the best experience and results for you.

Treatment RoomAll one hour or more facials include:

  • Deep cleansing and skin analysis
  • Customized layered masque with exfoliating peel (see peels below)
  • Massage to promote blood and lymphatic flow to and from the face and head
  • Extractions (if needed and desired)
  • Layered hydrating treatment including antioxidants and healing moisture correction
  • Protective sunscreen, chosen for your skin type

Extras can include blemish or pigment spot products, neck and eye treatments, infused ultrasonically and back treatments with extractions.

Dressing RoomChemical and layered Peels:

If you have suffered through peels or been over-peeled, you will be pleased with my approach and use of these treatments.

They needn’t be painful to be effective.

Peels are used to increase exfoliation, stimulate skin cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve circulation, heighten product absorption and effectiveness, brighten and even skin tone, and smooth skin texture.

Peels vary in strengths and are used in most facials and treatments (unless skin is sensitive). I choose the peel that is right for your skin, based on the active ingredients and strength.

1- Enzyme Exfoliation ~ Enzymes can be gentler on sensitive teen and adult skin, yet very effective in preparing for extractions, firming and toning, and fading hyper-pigmentation.

2- Lactic/Kojic acid ~ Lactic acid increases moisture retention and aids in smoothing lines. Kojic acid is a rice by-product and can fade hyper-pigmentation, both brown spots and acne scars. Very firming!

3- 5-Berry TCA ~ this is another pigment-lightening peel that also tightens and firms. The 5-Berry formulation delivers potent antioxidants from cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and bearberry. Clients report longer lasting results than other peels.

4- Vit A peel ~ Retinol and TCA are combined to deliver a stronger peel for fading and smoothing lines. Can also be a great spot treatment on blemishes, and on pigmentation from sun damage and acne scarring.

5- Glycolic/Retinol ~ For deeper lines and pigmentation, and smoothing texture and scars. Glycolic acid helps deliver the Retinol deeper into the skin, for more effective results.

6- Salicylic Acid ~ a great “zapper” on pimples and cystic blemishes. I can customize the strength of your peel, from 2% to 30%, to match the condition and sensitivity of your skin.

(Because blemishes don’t keep to a schedule or your social calendar, clients can come in for complimentary spot peels and mini-treatments in between regularly scheduled appointments at no charge.)