Services Suspended for Now

Good morning,

Under the Governor’s order, our services are suspended through March 27. We hope to reopen March 28.

Across the country, this is a great opportunity for all of us to do our parts, to make a difference and flatten the curve of the CornonaVirus infection.
Nationally, if we can hunker down, and continue with our increased hygiene practices, we can turn this around and contain the spread.

We’re living through a history-making year, let’s reinforce this with our children and grandchildren, whose events are and will be canceled.
Find the ways you can make a difference, help others, and look to history for perspective.

I remember my mom telling me about rationing in WW2, and that her mom “could make a party out of nothing!”

And after a long power outage here in the 90’s, a client’s youngest asked if they could still light candles and play games.

Yesterday, with schools out and organizing for on-line-learning, my 9 year-old great nephew created a wonderful Leprechaun trap/house out of cardboard boxes at home.

I’m advancing my April 15% off Retail Sale starting today, and taking orders now.
Gift certificates are always available.

Thank you so much, take great care and hang in there, we’ll get through it together.
Sending our best thoughts,
Marguerite and Milla

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