Services Still Suspended, but…

Dear Friends and Clients,

Yes, we’re still with you! However the Governor’s order yesterday further suspends our services until May 1. We’ll be contacting each of you who have scheduled April facials, and you can contact us with your preferred May date and time.

April Retail Sale for 15% off is on! Orders can be shipped USPS Priority, and curbside pickup can be arranged (please respect the Governor’s order to stay home the next 2 weeks except for necessities).

Please also email or text your orders today as I’ll be placing my orders tomorrow.

To all who’ve already ordered or will order, thank you so much! It’s product sales that will tide all of us estheticians over till May. But much more than that, it’s your good thoughts, appreciation, and trust in us that we treasure. That means so much to us! And goes right back to all of you.

Service suspensions, stay home orders, lay-offs and closures are happening all over the country, and the world. And yet so many of us are more connected than ever because of the virus.

Last night the PBS News Hour “joined master cellist Yo-Yo Ma in asking the public to join the #SongsofComfort effort and contribute music both old and new.”  The great cellist is connecting and creating community world-wide with this effort. It really inspired me.

So whatever inspires and keeps you connected, whatever feeds your soul, do it, and do it again every day. We will continue to take care of ourselves and each other.

And we will get through this!

Sending our very best,

Marguerite and Milla

Reply to Milla at or 828-450-9567

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