September Sale and New Favorites

Hello All,
The September Sale is 15% off retail products through this month.

These are new products that I think deserve accolades, prices don’t include sale discount:
Retexturing Activator from Skin Ceuticals ~ potent but gentle, it provides simultaneous exfoliation (with photo-safe ingredient) and hydration, in a unique serum that smooths texture and lines, increases radiance. I use it in treatments and at home. $80 for 1 oz, a little goes a long way, I really love it!

Wrinkle Remedy from GlyMed ~ their latest development in peptides and delivery system, this is like their already-great Peptide Complex on steroids, and it’s more hydrating. We use this in treatments too, with very noticeable results. $79.50 for 1 oz pump

Total Overnight Retinol Masque from Image ~ it’s “Retinol-Light” plus deep hydration, for those who don’t want a strong Retinol. I love this treatment for myself, too, very firming, tightening and brightening.
$70 for 1.7 oz jar

Jakare has 2 new products that are the culmination of long and in-depth research: Hyaluronic Acid BOOSTER and SILK Facial Moisturizer (silk peptides), both are 20% off in September. These are so new, I haven’t used them enough to testify, but if Jakare is excited, so am I!
You can read all about them at

I’ve saved the BEST for last, (drum roll), introducing a new device called My Skin Buddy, it offers 4 technologies:
~ Ultrasonic vibration for brushless deep cleaning
~ Ion care with positive and negative ions (Ionto-phoresis)
~Thermal heat (to emulsify oils and impurities)
~LED light therapy with red, green and blue light
Here’s the big news about this little gem: my clients and I are seeing the same result in Skin Buddy neck treatments as I get using micro-current/myotonology!!!

To learn more, please go to and click on Watch the Video
$264.99 retail, I’m offering $25 off the retail price on the shipment I have now, limited supply.

There you have it, thank you so very much!

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