September 2020 News and Specials

Greetings to all,
September 1st will mark 3 months since we reopened and it’s going well!

Initially, services were abbreviated but quickly expanded to full facials in June.

Stringent Covid protocols continue as part of my Preparedness Plan.

I wear a face shield and a mask while the client’s mask is off, as required by MN DEED.

My suite offers ample ventilation, the HEPA filter runs constantly, and the HVAC, tower fan and window help keep clean air flowing.
The September Sale is coming up, with 15% off retail products, including Jakare, Image, GlyMed,and Skin Ceuticals.  You’re welcome to place your orders starting now!

Image Skincare is giving us free drop shipping on all orders $50 or more, through December!

A $30 price increase on My Skin Buddy is effective September 12, new price will be $295.  I still love using this device, in facials and at home, and recommend it to everyone!

Now available in black, too and their Money Back Guarantee makes it a risk-free purchase and a lovely gift.
GlyMed Plus has free drop shipping through Aug 31.  I’ll advance the Sept sale price on orders placed Aug 24-31.
Clients who prefer to pick up orders certainly can still do so. And I ship USPS Priority Mail.

I’m always available to consult and help you with your home care, and welcome your questions and feedback.
Milla is moving full time to Yantar, where she’s been doing the most amazing microcurrent facelifts!

And, when the borders open again in her home country, she and Peter will return to live there.

I wish her the very best, always and appreciate all she’s taught me.
As we all navigate through this historic time, know how much I appreciate each of you.

For those who have come back to see me, it’s so great to be together again!

For those who choose to pass on coming, know that I understand and support you.

For all of you, I hold your best interests as first and foremost, and I continue to affirm that we’ll get through this.

And in many good ways, we’ll never be the same.
My Best,
Marguerite Hedren

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