Pumpkin Specials and New Services

Dear Clients and Friends,

PumpkinsThanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This November I’m thankful for my completed advanced training with Milla Boros, who has taught me so much in the last few months.

Clients are excited about the new microcurrent treatments I am offering.

Microcurrent therapy is healing to acne and rosacea.

  • It infuses products into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.
  • It lifts, firms and tightens the skin and is deeply rejuvenating. Repeated weekly, treatments of 6-10 sessions can produce impressive results that can then be maintained with monthly appointments.

Pricing is at my hourly rate of $125.00. 1 hour is an express service, 90 min is a full service and 2 hours is the deluxe. But all my clients get an introduction incorporated into their usual service at no charge, or minimal add on.

Contraindications are pregnancy, seizures, metal plates, and pace makers.

I have a new oxygen treatment/deep pore cleanser from GlyMed Plus that I like ~ very silky, hydrated finish.

Next month I’ll write about Light Therapy, which I’m also adding to services.

Jakare’s November Specials are all about refining and exfoliating without drying your skin. In fact, you’ll intensify the effectiveness of your hydrating and moisturizing products with any or all of these 3 products:

Refine has pumpkin enzyme, peach and plum extracts to retexture, plus a retinol-like but gentler plant ingredient to smooth wrinkles ~ 1 oz pump $60 reg price

Gel Cleanser has natural sugars that act like enzymes and tightens your skin ~ 2 oz pump $24 reg price
Micro Polisher has jojoba beads plus sugar cane and citrus extracts that form a natural glycolic acid to refine without irritation ~ 4 oz pump $36 reg price

3 combinations of sale options at 15% and 20% off are available.
Get all the details at http://www.jakare.com/on-sale-now/

Let me close with a favorite quote:
“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” – W.J. Cameron
I’m wishing you all a mindful Thanksgiving.

Sending my very best,

Marguerite Hedren

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