Specials and Good Wishes

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December Greetings to all,

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well in body, mind and spirit! I see Light at the end of the tunnel, and Hope for a better year to come.

For those of you choosing not to get facials because of Covid, I support that choice. And we all need good homecare more than ever. I’d love to consult and help you no matter what your skincare priorities are or budget may be.

Special offers this month include:

  • Free December Shipping from Jakare! Plus their fabulous new Skin Polisher and both Enzyme Masque and Rose Masque on sale, each is 15% off
  • Free Shipping from Image on orders of $100 or more! and great new size of Vital C Hydrating Serum, twice the size for 20% off at $115 and free shipping
  • Free Shipping on My Skin Buddy plus $25 off for $270.00 Money-back guarantee, great for all skin types, including acne, makes a gold star gift. Research shows that results with LED Light Therapy are cumulative. So using this little device with 3 LED colors, 6 settings, and 4 treatment modes can add up to real benefits! A client whom I see infrequently impressed me recently with her tighter, smoother skin. I thought, “She must have done a medspa procedure.”  But she shared that it’s her Skin Buddy with her cleanser, then Image Retinol cream, used 2 or 3 weeks for 5 minutes per session, that’s made the difference. Even her kids have noticed!
  • My remaining Inventory is discounted till year’s end.  I hope I have what you want!

At the end of this tumultuous year, I send you my very best, with a strong vision for our future. The photo was taken on a walk. I was sharing with friends about a close, long-time client who recently died and how special she was. We looked out and saw this across the bay, like a Light from Heaven. It looks like the hope I feel and wish for you too.

With gratitude to all of you and deep appreciation for your support,



Fall to Winter Tips and News

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Hello Clients and Friends!

All Vital C products from Image Skincare are 15% off through this Saturday! The Vital C hydrating antioxidant line is their best seller, and clients love them. Take advantage of this surprise sale and order with me by Friday night please.

Image will continue with free drop shipping for all orders over $100, through December 2020! This has been wonderfully supportive but of course I can send orders of any amount to you, too.

Want to do a home facial? Jakare’s October Special introduces a new product called MicroDerma Polisher, it promises the “smoothest, silkiest skin you’ll ever have!” and has 5 Star customer reviews. 3 oz jar is $62

Additionally, they’ve created a remedy serum for break outs on all skin types from mask-wearing. It features Zinc, Cinnamon Bark and Carrot Seed Oil, in a base of Lavender Hydrosol and Aloe. Here’s the info:

If you’ve had trouble with stiff or squirting Jakare pumps, they’ve changed them. If you need replacements, just let me know.

With the beautiful Fall colors we’ve enjoyed this year, we’re ushered into Peel Season. I can treat the effects your outdoor exposure with stronger peels than we do during Summer. This is followed by infusing the skin with nourishment, firming and healing using microcurrent/myotonology, My Skin Buddy, and an LED Light Therapy canopy. It’s the custom treatment cocktail I mix for you that makes the machine and devices work!

I’ll continue to maintain the stringent cleaning and disinfection stated in my Covid Preparedness Plan. Ventilation is key with Covid safety, and I’m keeping the air moving, fresh and clean in the studio. The window will be cracked open but you’ll be warm and snug.
If you want to consult from home, I’m available. The skincare you give yourself is more important than facials. I love being in touch with all of you and talking skincare or catching up. I want to stay connected.

Year round and especially in Winter, I recommend calming and healing Calendula Oil from Pranarom for your cuticles and finger tips (heals cracks too), dry skin under nostrils from nose-blowing, or adding a drop or 2 to your face moisturizer. It’s available at Lakewinds and Lunds/Byerlys, on sale now for 20% off. I found a whipped Shea Butter lip balm from Evan Healy at the co-op, too.

May you stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, and find the inspiration you need.

My very best to all of you, thank you so much,



September 2020 News and Specials

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Greetings to all,
September 1st will mark 3 months since we reopened and it’s going well!

Initially, services were abbreviated but quickly expanded to full facials in June.

Stringent Covid protocols continue as part of my Preparedness Plan.

I wear a face shield and a mask while the client’s mask is off, as required by MN DEED.

My suite offers ample ventilation, the HEPA filter runs constantly, and the HVAC, tower fan and window help keep clean air flowing.
The September Sale is coming up, with 15% off retail products, including Jakare, Image, GlyMed,and Skin Ceuticals.  You’re welcome to place your orders starting now!

Image Skincare is giving us free drop shipping on all orders $50 or more, through December!

A $30 price increase on My Skin Buddy is effective September 12, new price will be $295.  I still love using this device, in facials and at home, and recommend it to everyone!

Now available in black, too and their Money Back Guarantee makes it a risk-free purchase and a lovely gift.
GlyMed Plus has free drop shipping through Aug 31.  I’ll advance the Sept sale price on orders placed Aug 24-31.
Clients who prefer to pick up orders certainly can still do so. And I ship USPS Priority Mail.

I’m always available to consult and help you with your home care, and welcome your questions and feedback.
Milla is moving full time to Yantar, where she’s been doing the most amazing microcurrent facelifts!

And, when the borders open again in her home country, she and Peter will return to live there.

I wish her the very best, always and appreciate all she’s taught me.
As we all navigate through this historic time, know how much I appreciate each of you.

For those who have come back to see me, it’s so great to be together again!

For those who choose to pass on coming, know that I understand and support you.

For all of you, I hold your best interests as first and foremost, and I continue to affirm that we’ll get through this.

And in many good ways, we’ll never be the same.
My Best,
Marguerite Hedren

We’re Opening Soon!

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Dear Clients and Friends,

After deep consideration and research, we’ll be reopening next Monday June 1!

Our facial salon will likely be doing this differently than many hair salons.  Because of the close proximity face to face with our clients, we’ll be doing shorter services, 45-60 minutes. You’ll wear a face mask through some part of your service (exceptions will be clients with medical reasons). Each client’s priorities will determine how we use your appointment time. I know we can make this work and achieve great results!

We’ll meet you at the door, please wear your mask. We have a touchless infrared thermometer to check your temperature. We’ll clean and disinfect your shoes or offer you our new sandals. If you feel any symptoms, don’t hesitate to reschedule, even if it’s last minute. We’ll understand. The MDH Visitor Health Screening Checklist is available for your review through this link. Water cups will not be available in the studio.

If you’d like to buy skincare, please let me know in advance. My inventory is low right now. Though you can trust that we’re stocked with fabulous products for your services!

All of this will evolve, as our studio and our community moves through reopening business and activities. Next week’s new protocols will change in response to our continued research and what happens around us. As always, I welcome your questions or comments.

We’re excited and so looking forward to seeing you again in person! Until then, please accept our best wishes for your health and well-being.

Marguerite and Milla

(612) 720-5305

New Re-Open Date is May 18

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New Re-Open Date is May 18

Dear Clients and Friends,

We miss you! Our studio has been closed for services for 7 weeks now. Monday May 18, is our current date to reopen and we’re booking clients now.  We understand that we must all continue to be flexible and careful. I will reopen when I determine it’s safe to do so, and will proceed with caution.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking long and hard on how we’re going to do this.  I’m following our global health crisis very closely, referring to official scientific resources including the CDC, US epidemiologists, and the office of MN Gov Tim Walz.

I have always been diligent about safety and sanitation, respectful of the laws that govern my license and my studio. But be assured we will be employing significantly heightened disinfection practices and safety procedures upon reopening. I’m working on our Covid-19 Preparedness Plan that follows guidelines from the CDC, MDH, and our licensing board, which also works closely with the governor’s administration.  

Our plan so far partially includes:

* scheduled time between each and every client for deep cleaning

*we’ll wear masks, gloves, and possibly face shields through each service

*HEPA filtering unit will be in use, and turned up between clients

This plan is in progress and more will follow in a future email.

Your voice is paramount to us! Please respond to this email with your input. Clients must feel safe and comfortable to return, and some of you may have special needs to ensure that. We are open to hearing from you!

And we so look forward to seeing you again, and catching up!! We know how anxious some of you are to receive your facials, our professional treatments, and a chance to relax.

 Thank you so very much, Milla and I send our very best. Know we’re thinking of all of you, and honoring mothers everywhere for this Mother’s Day.

Contact Milla at or 828-450-9567

With appreciation,


612-720-5305 (please note that I’ve disconnected 952-933-5111)


Gratitude and New Ideas

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Dear Clients and Friends,

I so miss seeing all your wonderful faces!!

Thank you so much for your support these last weeks, it’s truly meant the world to me.

I’m now offering consultations via Zoom, email, phone or Face time to help tide you over till we’re back.

With your file on hand, I can coach you, inspire you if you’ve fallen off your home care, answer questions, or just talk.

Plus I’ve got ideas for custom Home Facial Kits, that can include anything we decide on and a small bottle of professional enzyme peel, a special treat just for now.

Jakare’s April special is 20% off their Vit C Collection plus new Fruit Enzyme Mist option.  The wild plum Kakadu has the highest concentration of vitamin C found in any plant/fruit – 100 times that of an orange. I can’t wait to try this, you know how I love mists!

I love their new Enzyme Masque, too, and think it would be great to add to your Home Kit, perhaps in a smaller amount to try.

Image Skincare has reformulated their popular Daily Hydrating SPF30. They’ve added blue light protection (computer, and device screens) from a pea extract and the new aroma is lighter. The organic Zinc Oxide is now 21%, and certified by Ecocert to be reef-safe and non-nano. Though the consistency isn’t as emollient, I really like it and the added benefits are more important.

New Daily Defense Lip Enhancer combines 11% Zinc Oxide protection plus plumping moisture.

Image has been awesome with support, with free drop shipping to my MN clients, on minimum orders of $50. That continues through April, along with 15% off Prevention+ and Vital C products.

The MN board that governs our licenses and facilities is working with the Walz administration to establish how we’ll safely reopen.

The current date is Monday May 4. I’m guessing we’ll be working wearing masks and gloves. Since our health care providers don’t yet have the supplies they need, that must come first. We still have much to do!

Finally, a week ago on Good Friday, I heard an interview with an Army War Vet/Chaplain at Mt Sinai hospital in New York. I share the link here because it bolstered and reassured me to know people like him are there. I hope it might offer you that, too.

You’re all in our thoughts. Milla and I look forward to seeing you again,

My Best Always,


Services Still Suspended, but…

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Dear Friends and Clients,

Yes, we’re still with you! However the Governor’s order yesterday further suspends our services until May 1. We’ll be contacting each of you who have scheduled April facials, and you can contact us with your preferred May date and time.

April Retail Sale for 15% off is on! Orders can be shipped USPS Priority, and curbside pickup can be arranged (please respect the Governor’s order to stay home the next 2 weeks except for necessities).

Please also email or text your orders today as I’ll be placing my orders tomorrow.

To all who’ve already ordered or will order, thank you so much! It’s product sales that will tide all of us estheticians over till May. But much more than that, it’s your good thoughts, appreciation, and trust in us that we treasure. That means so much to us! And goes right back to all of you.

Service suspensions, stay home orders, lay-offs and closures are happening all over the country, and the world. And yet so many of us are more connected than ever because of the virus.

Last night the PBS News Hour “joined master cellist Yo-Yo Ma in asking the public to join the #SongsofComfort effort and contribute music both old and new.”  The great cellist is connecting and creating community world-wide with this effort. It really inspired me.

So whatever inspires and keeps you connected, whatever feeds your soul, do it, and do it again every day. We will continue to take care of ourselves and each other.

And we will get through this!

Sending our very best,

Marguerite and Milla

Reply to Milla at or 828-450-9567

Services Suspended for Now

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Good morning,

Under the Governor’s order, our services are suspended through March 27. We hope to reopen March 28.

Across the country, this is a great opportunity for all of us to do our parts, to make a difference and flatten the curve of the CornonaVirus infection.
Nationally, if we can hunker down, and continue with our increased hygiene practices, we can turn this around and contain the spread.

We’re living through a history-making year, let’s reinforce this with our children and grandchildren, whose events are and will be canceled.
Find the ways you can make a difference, help others, and look to history for perspective.

I remember my mom telling me about rationing in WW2, and that her mom “could make a party out of nothing!”

And after a long power outage here in the 90’s, a client’s youngest asked if they could still light candles and play games.

Yesterday, with schools out and organizing for on-line-learning, my 9 year-old great nephew created a wonderful Leprechaun trap/house out of cardboard boxes at home.

I’m advancing my April 15% off Retail Sale starting today, and taking orders now.
Gift certificates are always available.

Thank you so much, take great care and hang in there, we’ll get through it together.
Sending our best thoughts,
Marguerite and Milla

LED Treatment Results and September Sale!

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September means 15% off your favorite products!
Let me know and I’ll set yours aside for pickup, or send it to you!

Jakare’s September Special is 25% off their Exfoliating Collection
(new this year)
I’ve been offering LED Light Therapy in facials since 2015, using either of 2 LED canopies over the face and neck. Results are always very effective for acne. It’s truly music to my ears when a teen looks in the mirror with surprise and says “Wow!” Most clients report their skin is tighter after a facial that includes an LED Treatment, and stays firmer longer since we added the light canopies. Headaches and sinus congestion are relieved too. Our newest canopy achieves results in only 5 min, using 1800 Deep Red LEDs, leaving more time for other treatments.

I’ve used our LightStim canopy over the top of the skull too, because it has Infrared light which penetrates deeper. A client receiving chemotherapy treatments reported “the brain fog has lifted!” Another client who sustained a concussion reported feeling his head had cleared. Recently the same client suffered a stroke (extremely lucky guy who got to the hospital in time for the  antidote treatment) came in tired and dragging, and left “feeling great.”

Additionally, we have several smaller lights from LightStim to use for sore joints, bruises, injuries and to stimulate circulation. Neuropathy can be relieved too. And recently even nerve pain from Shingles was relieved using one of our pain belts. I laid the pods next to the affected side of my client’s neck, and continued with her facial. She was amazed later at both the pain relief and reduction in swelling! LED light therapy is stimulating blood flow and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, which provides energy to drive many cellular processes, including healing. Increased ATP affects skin too, stimulating collagen and elastin production.
I recently bought another pain belt for my husband to use following knee replacement surgery. Well, his Physical Therapist said that he’s exceeding all the benchmarks for progress, 4 weeks out from surgery. Very encouraging!

I share this to spread the good news about what’s possible. We have so much to offer besides skincare! The smaller lights from LightStim can be purchased for use at home, also for 15% off in September.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and reply back with your questions.

Have a great day!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Jakare’s Plant Stem Cell Serum is getting great client reviews but Karen’s takes the cake. She says it’s made the single biggest difference of any one product on her face and neck! It’s competitively priced compared to Image and GlyMed too.

1 oz pump is $10 off at $75 in June

One of my favorites for Summer skincare is Vital C ACE Serum from Image. It’s a daily multi-vitamin for your face with vitamins and minerals, plus special rose petal red wine complex from a family vineyard in Alpine Spain. It tightens, too.

1 oz dropper bottle is 15% off this month for $53 (reg $62)

Good Karma Skincare’s 4 in 1 Cream now has Astaxanthin, from a Hawaiian red sea algae, that adds photo protection to this very popular cream.  It’s always a great buy at $48

Sunscreens, both Image and Skin Ceuticals, are also 15% this month.

Jakare’s June Special is all about Vit C, and this month only is boosted with Hibiscus Oil, which has the ability to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down your skin’s elastin. Happily, this translates to firmer skin!

3 sale options are available: their Vit C Collection or a set of 2 Brighten are 20% off, or 1 Brighten and 1 C Booster are 15% off
Check out the Collection at and I have all this in stock!

Plus special Honey & Neroli Gel Cleanser in June only, for $16 ($20 reg)
Also sun-safe in Summer are the face lift treatments Milla and Mariola are doing at Yantar in Minnetonka

I just started back with their cutting-edge microcurrent treatments, hoping to be a good advertisement for them!

Special intro session is just $89

Have a great Summer, have fun and wear your hats!