New Re-Open Date is May 18

New Re-Open Date is May 18

Dear Clients and Friends,

We miss you! Our studio has been closed for services for 7 weeks now. Monday May 18, is our current date to reopen and we’re booking clients now.  We understand that we must all continue to be flexible and careful. I will reopen when I determine it’s safe to do so, and will proceed with caution.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking long and hard on how we’re going to do this.  I’m following our global health crisis very closely, referring to official scientific resources including the CDC, US epidemiologists, and the office of MN Gov Tim Walz.

I have always been diligent about safety and sanitation, respectful of the laws that govern my license and my studio. But be assured we will be employing significantly heightened disinfection practices and safety procedures upon reopening. I’m working on our Covid-19 Preparedness Plan that follows guidelines from the CDC, MDH, and our licensing board, which also works closely with the governor’s administration.  

Our plan so far partially includes:

* scheduled time between each and every client for deep cleaning

*we’ll wear masks, gloves, and possibly face shields through each service

*HEPA filtering unit will be in use, and turned up between clients

This plan is in progress and more will follow in a future email.

Your voice is paramount to us! Please respond to this email with your input. Clients must feel safe and comfortable to return, and some of you may have special needs to ensure that. We are open to hearing from you!

And we so look forward to seeing you again, and catching up!! We know how anxious some of you are to receive your facials, our professional treatments, and a chance to relax.

 Thank you so very much, Milla and I send our very best. Know we’re thinking of all of you, and honoring mothers everywhere for this Mother’s Day.

Contact Milla at or 828-450-9567

With appreciation,


612-720-5305 (please note that I’ve disconnected 952-933-5111)


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