New LED Light Canopy and March News

Hello Everyone!

We’ve added a new LED Light Therapy canopy and are getting great results in only 5 minutes! This is achieved with a panel that has 1800 Deep Red LED lights. It gives us more time in your facial for the micro-current/myotonology machine and other special treatments.

We’re keeping our LightStim canopy, it has other LED colors we need plus InfraRed light, for increased pain relief.

Milla and I will both be getting our Advanced Practice licenses this year. We have recently attended prep classes for the exam, and are reading the required text books. It’s wonderful to be refreshing our knowledge, but I’m also learning lots of new info that wasn’t taught when I did my training. This new license requirement is raising the bar for our profession and we’ll be proud to post ours in the studio.

Clients have asked me about micro-blade service referrals. According to my friend Flo Hoxie owner of Pretty Woman in Edina, Microblading, micropigmentation and permanent makeup are synonymous terms for cosmetic tattooing. Her prices are more reasonable than what I’ve been hearing, she’s super experienced and a true artist, so I’m referring all my clients to her! Check her out at, find her on Facebook or call her at 727-858-5033

She’s the best!

I love the Jakare line, and in the last 2 years, I see so much innovation and reformulating it makes them cutting edge and very competitive.

A client who likes a stronger peel in her facials reports that the Jakare Plant Stem Cell Serum eliminates post-peel flaking. That’s impressive!

Jakare Special in March will be their Hydration Collection with 4 products (pricing to be announced after March 1)

The February Special is the Firming Collection with 3 products they call “your best nighttime ritual. Though we’re on the cusp of February’s end, if you want to take advantage of the 20% discount, let me know

Their collections are always 10% off regular pricing and when you buy 5 or more items, you get an additional 10% off

Our Annual April Sale is around the corner, 15% off all products except devices. Advanced orders are welcome and help me plan.

With continued appreciation and thanks, we wish you the very best!


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