March 2022 Sales and Specials

Early Spring Greetings to Everyone,

Since my last newsletter I’ve gotten 2 new hips and am cruising along!
I’m trying something new, I won’t have an April Sale this year, instead I’m offering sales when my companies do.

I’m exploring ways to get the word out, if you have preferences and want to offer feedback, I’d appreciate it.

GlyMed has flash site-wide sales, which are great and monthly protocols at 20% off, often their new products.

This month Image has 15% off everything through March, and 20% off a new item
Restoring Power C Serum 1 oz bottle, 20% off for $92 (reg $115)

  • 20% THD (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) a stable Vit C, not new but this is a high %
  • .5% Ferulic Acid
  • Vit E

It has a ginger extract antioxidant for wrinkles and fading hyperpigmentation. It
also contains a 7-weight hyaluronic acid complex and glycerin for a dewy finish.  I’ve been testing it and can’t see fading yet but it’s definitely firming, very hydrating, good on sensitive skin. For info sheet, click here

Can it really compete with Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic? Yes! For a comparison of L-Ascorbic Acid (in CE Ferulic) to THD click here

Other favorites are the Bio-Peptide Crème $67 on sale, Brightening Exfoliating Cleanser $32 on sale, check with me for your favorite.

Please get all Image sale orders to me by March 25. I’m out of town 3/28-4/4

And new from Skin Ceuticals: they’ve replaced Phyto+ with Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment:
1 oz $105 through March, $110 April 1, get $10 off your 1st bottle

It’s a light-weight moisture gel-crème with brightening, clarifying and texture-smoothing ingredients, made for sensitive skin.

This arrives today. I can’t wait to test this, their before and after photos show
significant fading and improved texture including pore size.

Skin Ceuticals is raising prices on April 1, most increases are less than $5,
Physical Fusion SPF 50 increases by only 50 cents

Please send questions or concerns

Spring Equinox is this Sunday, Happy Spring, Everyone!

My thanks and endless appreciation,


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