LED Treatment Results and September Sale!

September means 15% off your favorite products!
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Jakare’s September Special is 25% off their Exfoliating Collection
(new this year)
I’ve been offering LED Light Therapy in facials since 2015, using either of 2 LED canopies over the face and neck. Results are always very effective for acne. It’s truly music to my ears when a teen looks in the mirror with surprise and says “Wow!” Most clients report their skin is tighter after a facial that includes an LED Treatment, and stays firmer longer since we added the light canopies. Headaches and sinus congestion are relieved too. Our newest canopy achieves results in only 5 min, using 1800 Deep Red LEDs, leaving more time for other treatments.

I’ve used our LightStim canopy over the top of the skull too, because it has Infrared light which penetrates deeper. A client receiving chemotherapy treatments reported “the brain fog has lifted!” Another client who sustained a concussion reported feeling his head had cleared. Recently the same client suffered a stroke (extremely lucky guy who got to the hospital in time for the  antidote treatment) came in tired and dragging, and left “feeling great.”

Additionally, we have several smaller lights from LightStim to use for sore joints, bruises, injuries and to stimulate circulation. Neuropathy can be relieved too. And recently even nerve pain from Shingles was relieved using one of our pain belts. I laid the pods next to the affected side of my client’s neck, and continued with her facial. She was amazed later at both the pain relief and reduction in swelling! LED light therapy is stimulating blood flow and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, which provides energy to drive many cellular processes, including healing. Increased ATP affects skin too, stimulating collagen and elastin production.
I recently bought another pain belt for my husband to use following knee replacement surgery. Well, his Physical Therapist said that he’s exceeding all the benchmarks for progress, 4 weeks out from surgery. Very encouraging!

I share this to spread the good news about what’s possible. We have so much to offer besides skincare! The smaller lights from LightStim can be purchased for use at home, also for 15% off in September.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and reply back with your questions.

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