July Specials and News

IMG_4516Many of you have asked about my business e-mail marguerite@skincareplusmn.com
No need to hesitate to use this address, I receive these messages just as quickly as those to hedrenm@gmail.com
My old e-mail address mhedren@mr.net is no longer in service.

All eye creams and eye gels are on sale in July for 15% off!

My summer facial treatments include a Vit C Enzyme peel which I boost with brighteners and pigment-fading ingredients to refine safely but oh, so effectively.

I’m using a Lemonade Scrub with tiny non-abrasive grains from Jakare. Its aroma gets everyone’s attention and puts a smile on your face!

Mini-facials can be added to your wax service for a quick but amazing result ~$50 & up

I-Conceal from Image Skincare ($60) is a wonderful silky mineral makeup with spf protection that really covers but with a super-thin layer, making it a lasting purchase as well as beautiful.
I saw it used in class, transforming a face with Rosacea to a lovely, even tone.
Come in and check out my testers to see how it looks on your skin.

Jakare’s July Special answers customer requests to bring back their Collections of skin care sets, including cleanser, antioxidant, hydating gel and moisturizer.
And they’re 20% off!
Get complete info at http://www.jakare.com/on-sale-now
Clients also love Jakare’s facial mists ~ Lavender/Spearmint, Rose, and Orange Blossom.
Facial mists are great any time and so refreshing.

Speaking of aromas, I use Citronella Oil as mosquito repellent around ankles, knees, wrist, elbows and my neck very effectively.

Also, keeping Lavender or Lavender/Tea tree combo for your first-aid kit can soothe insect bites and help clean wounds. Mix with a little water when using on sensitive skins.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer ~ wear your sunscreen and a hat! And use your antioxidants, too. Eat them, drink them and apply them, they work all 3 ways!

Sending my very best,

Marguerite Hedren

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