Fall to Winter Tips and News

Hello Clients and Friends!

All Vital C products from Image Skincare are 15% off through this Saturday! The Vital C hydrating antioxidant line is their best seller, and clients love them. Take advantage of this surprise sale and order with me by Friday night please.

Image will continue with free drop shipping for all orders over $100, through December 2020! This has been wonderfully supportive but of course I can send orders of any amount to you, too.

Want to do a home facial? Jakare’s October Special introduces a new product called MicroDerma Polisher, it promises the “smoothest, silkiest skin you’ll ever have!” and has 5 Star customer reviews. 3 oz jar is $62

Additionally, they’ve created a remedy serum for break outs on all skin types from mask-wearing. It features Zinc, Cinnamon Bark and Carrot Seed Oil, in a base of Lavender Hydrosol and Aloe. Here’s the info:

If you’ve had trouble with stiff or squirting Jakare pumps, they’ve changed them. If you need replacements, just let me know.

With the beautiful Fall colors we’ve enjoyed this year, we’re ushered into Peel Season. I can treat the effects your outdoor exposure with stronger peels than we do during Summer. This is followed by infusing the skin with nourishment, firming and healing using microcurrent/myotonology, My Skin Buddy, and an LED Light Therapy canopy. It’s the custom treatment cocktail I mix for you that makes the machine and devices work!

I’ll continue to maintain the stringent cleaning and disinfection stated in my Covid Preparedness Plan. Ventilation is key with Covid safety, and I’m keeping the air moving, fresh and clean in the studio. The window will be cracked open but you’ll be warm and snug.
If you want to consult from home, I’m available. The skincare you give yourself is more important than facials. I love being in touch with all of you and talking skincare or catching up. I want to stay connected.

Year round and especially in Winter, I recommend calming and healing Calendula Oil from Pranarom for your cuticles and finger tips (heals cracks too), dry skin under nostrils from nose-blowing, or adding a drop or 2 to your face moisturizer. It’s available at Lakewinds and Lunds/Byerlys, on sale now for 20% off. I found a whipped Shea Butter lip balm from Evan Healy at the co-op, too.

May you stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, and find the inspiration you need.

My very best to all of you, thank you so much,



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