December Greetings

IMG_2781Dear Clients and Friends,

December Greetings to all! As 2013 comes to a close, I’m reflecting on all I’ve learned and how my practice has grown. Clients are pleased with new services and techniques I’m offering, results are rewarding in many ways.

As we’ve come into colder weather, I’m amazed at how enhanced my hydrating and conditioning treatments are with microcurrent therapy, which increases absorption, healing and moisture in the skin.

After deep cleansing and/or peel, I apply quality treatment serums. Then a custom, warmed masque mix is brushed on and it’s all infused with microcurrent. I call this my million dollar finish. It’s no wonder clients look so fabulous when we’re done!

Jakare’s Firm is included in many of my treatments, with Hawaiian Pullalan sea algae, distinctive in its firming and tightening abilities. A peptide is added with its Botox-like effect and you’ve got “a facelift in a bottle.”
Firm is the December Special, boosted with an exquisite blend of Jasmine and Rose. Did you know that Jasmine has the ability to increase elasticity, improve texture and tone and even reduce scarring?

Buy 1 Firm and get the 2nd for half price, $105 for the set.
Details at

Claire Fischer RN/Esthetician is an injection specialist in Excelsior.
For those who want help with those deeper lines or droops, I’m happy to refer you to Claire. She also does a neck lift with Botox.

She’s a no-nonsense, extremely competent expert and injections are all she does. She is a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, one of only about 60 in the United States.

Contact her at 952-212-9082 and

To boost your immune system this winter and all year long, consider adding Elderberry to your diet. One of my clients swears by it and says they haven’t had a cold/flu at their house in 5 years.

Elderberry has constituents that help combat the flu virus, specifically anthocyanins, free radical scavengers that also promote immune defense. There are no known adverse side effects, nor drug interactions. It tastes delicious, and because it’s a berry and a common food source, it’s very safe to consume.
Know the quality of all the food and supplements you buy. And inform your health care provider of all herbs and medications you’re taking.
**(Info taken from Lakewinds Winter 2013 newsletter)

To my new clients, welcome and thank you so much for coming.
With my sincere appreciation to all of you for your patronage and support, I wish you joyful holidays and the very best in 2014!


Marguerite Hedren

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