April Sale and New Favorites

Hi Everyone!
April Sale is 15% Off retail prices and $20 off each My Skin Buddy, for $240

Please place orders now through Tuesday April 10, to ensure you’ll get your purchase needs met.

After 4/10 any in stock items are on sale through 4/30

Sale excludes LightStim and Eye Rejuvenators

My Skin Buddy is a brilliant little device that deeply but gently cleans and can also be used to infuse products and treat acne. It uses ultrasound, LED light therapy and magnetic current (Ionto-phoresis).

I use it in all facials and clients love results. They come with a money-back guarantee, but only great reviews so far! Great for all skin types ~ use this link myskinbuddy.com and click on the arrow to watch the video

New on the shelf is Peptide HydroMist 2 oz spray for $40 retail ~ firming peptides in a super-hydrating mist, designed as a results booster, I find it really delivers and goes a long way. You’ll need less of your other serums and creams. I use it in every service, great on sensitive skins.

Jakare has been working on great new products, one is SILK, their peptide serum
They’ve just improved their wonderful Ageless Serum, and it will be their April Special

Their March Special is a citrus celebration, including Brighten available through 3/31

We use Image’s Biomolecular sheet masques in most facials, for a $5 add on, first one is free.

They are filled with special treatment waters, peptides, amino acids, brighteners and more to provide superior hydration and noticeable results

Try one to take home in April for $6.50 ($8 retail), 1 pack can provide 2-3 treatments

GlyMed has a great enzyme home peel treatment, Youth Firm

It’s $96 for 1 oz pump and I also have 1/4 oz sample jars for $14 each

~leave on all night and wake up to firm skin

Best new cleanser is GlyMed’s Foaming Cleanser with amino acids ~ $32 in 6 oz pump

Thanks for reading this e-news!
I will sign off for now and remain,

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