OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am Marguerite Hedren, owner of Marguerite’s Skincare Plus.

I grew up watching and working in a small business environment with my father, grandfather and god-father, all pharmacists. My dad instilled strong principles of creating and maintaining a reputation of service and integrity.

Most of my working years have been in the service industry, in healthcare, hospitality, child care, teaching and skin care.

I have completed 4 levels of training in Therapeutic Touch Therapy and 3 levels in Healing Touch Therapy.

After the first 4 levels in Colorado, I wanted to go back to school in one of the therapies, occupational or respiratory, which would enable me to get my hands on people.

I was told and began to believe that I have a gift in my hands.

My Story with Stephanie

When I was first practicing the hands-on techniques I’d learned, I got great feedback that I should keep doing this work. One client quit taking her sinus medication after a couple of sessions with me, a shoulder that hurt my sister for 2 years was relieved after 1 session, and other feedback encouraged me to continue. But it was a session with my cousin Stephanie that was pivotal for me.

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I had no idea about facials and skincare back then. That was 22 years ago and it’s still my passion as a licensed esthetician. Challenged and inspired to keep learning and exploring, I continue to love my work and helping clients.

Milla Boros

Milla Boros is a European aesthetician. In Slovakia, she earned her PhD in veterinary medicine and science at Veterinary University. She then worked in the Experimental Medical Institute in Kosice; first in General  Surgery, and later in the Histology laboratory, both in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

Always interested in the beauty industry, she later opened a salon at the medical clinic where she offered highly skilled services. She wrote the curriculum and accompanying textbook to open her own accredited school in Slovakia. When she moved to the United States, she naturally chose to work in aesthetics.

She earned a license in Cosmetology, eventually opening her own studio in Deephaven MN.

In her 20+ year practice here, she brought treatments from Europe and has developed many new techniques in treating all skin conditions and facial aging. Passionate in her work, she continues to develop new methods and knowledge for her clients, while always emphasizing the European basics in skin care she knows are the secret to lifelong skin beauty and health. Her clients all know they have a gem in Milla.

Also gifted in the healing arts, she earned Master certification in Reiki.

She trained Marguerite Hedren in all her methods in 2014. Today, they work together in Wayzata. Milla continues her research in latest techniques in skin care, continuing to create amazing results for her clients. The combination of her unique European facial massage, along with myotonology/micro-current treatments and LED light therapy set Milla’s services apart.  Facials like these are found in very few salons in the United States.