OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am Marguerite Hedren, owner of Marguerite’s Skincare Plus.

I grew up watching and working in a small business environment with my father, grandfather and god-father, all pharmacists. My dad instilled strong principles of creating and maintaining a reputation of service and integrity.

Most of my working years have been in the service industry, in healthcare, hospitality, child care, teaching and skin care.

I have completed 4 levels of training in Therapeutic Touch Therapy and 3 levels in Healing Touch Therapy.

After the first 4 levels in Colorado, I wanted to go back to school in one of the therapies, occupational or respiratory, which would enable me to get my hands on people.

I was told and began to believe that I have a gift in my hands.

My Story with Stephanie

When I was first practicing the hands-on techniques I’d learned, I got great feedback that I should keep doing this work. One client quit taking her sinus medication after a couple of sessions with me, a shoulder that hurt my sister for 2 years was relieved after 1 session, and other feedback encouraged me to continue. But it was a session with my cousin Stephanie that was pivotal for me.

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I had no idea about facials and skincare back then. That was 22 years ago and it’s still my passion as a licensed esthetician. Challenged and inspired to keep learning and exploring, I continue to love my work and helping clients.