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Marguerite Hedren


Welcome to Marguerite’s Skincare Plus –
Providing exceptional services for all ages!

With all the developments in skincare and a myriad of product choices, we offer a down to earth and holistic approach. We play detective with your lifestyle and find clues to solve problems with your skin. The aspects you want to improve are our focus, as each service is customized to your needs. We are passionate about our work and helping clients, continually challenged and inspired to keep learning.  We are both highly trained with many years of experience.

It is our pleasure to help you:

Clear Acne and Congestion
Do you have acne, or are your break outs caused by something else?

Acne is a very treatable skin condition, even in advance stage. The symptoms of acne infection can vary, and it is important that I determine contributing factors before I provide treatment recommendations.

Effective home care is crucial and results from using the right products can do wonders for your appearance, self-esteem and confidence!

Professional treatments can and do make a difference. My treatments are customized to your individual skin type and acne condition, and will work in harmony with medications provided by your physician.

You’ll take home free product samples and together we will create a treatment combination that works best on your skin.

I highly recommend the following supplements to improve the overall health of your skin:

  • Take a zinc capsule supplement daily to help prevent and clear acne.
  • For cystic acne, take olive leaf extract supplement daily.
  • Pro-biotics balance intestinal flora and are also essential successful acne treatment.

Prevent or Reverse Sun Damage
Also called Photo-Aging, this condition consists of age spots, deep wrinkles, uneven complexion or rough texture. Reverse this damage with professional treatments and customized homecare that will improve your skin in only 30 days!

Receive Help with Rosacea
Rosacea develops in stages and can become progressively worse over time. Controlling the inflammation of Rosacea is important to prevent and heal the damage to the skin and capillaries.

The most common care needed is to simply cleanse with a product specific to your condition and skin type and use a sunscreen with zinc oxide. Many with Rosacea are afraid to do anything to their skin, fearing more irritation.

I carry a selection of products that treat, help heal and calm Rosacea symptoms. You’ll take home free samples to find what works best for you!

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of environmental damage and are a reflection of both aging and lifestyle.

The basics to improvement are 3-fold:
Professional treatment followed with anti-oxidants and sunscreen by day, and a refining product at night work together for optimal repair and improvement.

Treatment results can be immediate and long term, and you’ll be offered both professional and personal ways to address and reduce lines and wrinkles.

“How did you do that?!” asked a male client as he looked in the mirror, surprised at what could be achieved in 1 treatment with a light peel and micro-current infusion of eye firming products.

Revive Dehydrated Skin

Chronic Dehydration is a very common condition.

But most sufferers don’t realize that dehydration compromises the ability of cells to perform basic metabolic functions, such as cell renewal and elimination of toxins.

Dehydration is a result of both internal and external imbalances. If you have flaky or dry feeling skin, I can help you.

Yes, you need to drink water but there’s more needed to effectively hydrate your skin.

Just Have a Great Facial or Time Out
My services are provided on an hourly basis.
I orchestrate a customized, targeted service, guided by the client’s schedule, budget and goals.
There is no additional charge for waxing, tinting, etc if the services fit into our scheduled time.
Each service I provide is unique and I try new things and combinations frequently to provide the best experience and results for you. For more information, see my Services Page.