$90 Bonus Gift with Wrinkle Light + Rose Special

Leap Year Greetings to Everyone,

leapyearWe continue to see great results with LED light therapy treatments, both in facials and at home, with the Pain Light, Wrinkle Light, and both sizes of Acne Lights.  The Wrinkle Light kit now includes 1 PhotoSerum and 1 PhotoMasque as your gift, worth $90!

I use these with every treatment because they accelerate results.They contain photosomes and peptides, found in sea plankton, and have a unique ability to utilize LED light energy.
We are so excited about this, it’s a wonderful gift to enhance and speed up your results!
Retail price is $249, with 6 year warranty
Check out more info at www.lightstim.com

Jakare’s Special is their fabulous Rose Protocol including Rose Crystals, Rose Masque, HydraGel, and Rose Mist ~ set is discounted 20% for $106

I’ve used Rose Masque in facials for years, and this specially-boosted batch is noticeably rich and more hydrating, great for this time of year. I love it!

The HydraGel was reformulated last year and I think it compares to GlyMed’s Ultra Hydro Gel, but for a lot less $ ~ the same velvety-smooth, plumped up feeling, very hydrating indeed.
And every $100 Jakare order comes with free 2 oz Body Silk, this smells so good, even my husband wanted to know what I was using!

1 more week for the special, ends Feb 29
Get all the details at http://www.jakare.com/on-sale-now/

Clarisonic has improved their Opal Sea Serum with a great pump and thicker consistency that still glides just like I want when infusing eye creams.
The 1 oz serum kit comes with 2 extra tips and we discount it 15% off retail for $55, you save $10.
If you’re not using your Opal these days, I can show you great techniques that feel wonderful and will get you inspired.

I am so happy to have Milla back and working with me. She brings all her knowledge and expertise from her years of experience in Europe, and her recent 2 years in Asheville.
Together we offer services 7 days a week, and are going strong.

Take care and thank you so much!

My Very Best,

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